MGF parts:

MGF remote repair kit 3TXB Lucas Starkey new case and buttons just use your old circuit board .$40.00+p/h New Black Leather Steering Wheel soft feel, Anodised Grill and rear, side vents and boot.

Phone for details on 0265557486 Mobile  0412067966 or email


MG Midget Front End :

Brand new. 

Made to order either as a complete one piece front end for pickup from Newcastle, or as 4 pieces able to be shipped interstate & joined together.

Can be used either as a flip up front or attached to your car and the bonnet cut out for an original type fit. Has flared guards, built in brackets for attaching front hinges, and Kevlar re-enforced edges. $770 each.

Sales enquiries to: 

You can watch it being made on my youtube channel WJP004




MG Midget/ Sprite/ Morris HS2 Carburettors

Matched set of HS2 carbies, on manifold with original factory aircleaners, heat shield, linkages, PCV and all associated parts.

Taken from a '64 Mk III Sprite. The car hadn't run for 35 years. Float bowls were dry and clean. 1/2 hrs fiddling with electrics and car ran. Video available of start up and run to show the carbies running. Jetted for a standar 1098cc A series motor.

Not often you get a chance to get a complete original setup. Ideal to help with a concours restoration for early 60's Spridget.  Dirty but fully working. Could be bolted on and run immediately.

$600 complete, the lot.

Call Steve Jones on 0412495234













MGB Workshop Manual

Brand new. MGB Mki, MkII & GT

Call Ian on 0429592823

Rover 4.6l V8 engine & clutch

Road or competition use

Prepared with great care for performance and reliability, selectively using the in-built characteristics of the original design – such as excellent cylinder head design and resultant gas flow as standard – with high performance parts such as the 4x Weber carburettors mated to John Eales aluminium ‘swan neck’ inlet manifolds.

Subject to a complete disassembly and refresh since being removed from the vehicle with new rings, gaskets and other appropriate consumables.

  • 4.6L engine employing delivering outstanding torque, and power and flexibility throughout its suggested working range to 6250rpm

  • standard bore and stroke with top hat cylinder liners

  • standard pistons and c/rods - rods polished and shot-peened

  • cross-bolted block, detailed de-burring throughout

  • balanced and blueprinted throughout

  • heads subjected to mild porting – the standard heads have excellent gas flow, so porting has been focused on smoothing and of course, equalisation of combustion chambers

  • ARP main and head studs

  • 210 degree hydraulic camshaft by Clive Cams

  • chilled base lifters

  • Heritage Motorsport anodised billet outrigger rocker shaft posts

  • adjustable oil pressure relief valve

  • adjustable timing gears & duplex roller chain

  • adjustable length pushrods

  • Heritage Motorsport anodised billet aluminium 1:1 crank pulley

  • 4 x Weber 45DCOE carburettors on John Eales Engineering cast aluminium ‘swan neck’ inlet manifolds

  • equal length  4:1 aluminium (Jet Hot) coated extractors by Heritage Motorsport

  • 100 amp Bosch alternator –pulley ratios ensure that the alternator and water pump run within their design speeds, with the water pump not creating cavitation at higher engine speeds)

  • Hi-torque starter by Castlemaine Auto Electrics

  • Lightened steel flywheel and twin-plate ceramic clutch by Extreme Clutch (SA) – ~170 km of use

  • Performance Ignition distributor (with two coils, one in use, one spare). 

In general

We believe the torque and power characteristics of this engine make it almost ideal for road work, tarmac rally, race track or gravel rally competition.

Using predominantly ‘standard’ parts as detailed above, allied to straightforward (but updated!) coil/distributor ignition is a real bonus for simplicity and reliability.

Items such as the outrigger rocker posts enhance stability in the valve train, the custom-made crank pulley and serpentine belt set-up keep the ancillaries moving at

optimum speeds.

The John Eales inlet manifolds coupled to the 45DCOE Weber carburettors are well known for their ability to generate torque across the rev range and indeed, this is so here.

The Webers have proven totally reliable, fuss and trouble-free over many years on this (and a predecessor 3.5L engine), and although subject to regular checks (for tune) have retained their tune over time.

Great strength with immense flexibility are the hallmarks of this engine. The induction ‘music’ is a genuine joy to the enthusiast - and the exhaust note is not to be missed either! 


  1. As shown less the flywheel and clutch $10,500**

  2. As shown less Webers, less linkage, less inlet manifolds $10,500

  3. As shown less Webers, less linkage, less inlet manifolds, less extractors, less starter motor $10,000

  4. As shown less Webers, less linkage, less inlet manifolds less extractors, less starter motor, less flywheel and clutch $8,000**

  5. ** Flywheel and clutch as a unit $2,000 and MUST BE SOLD BEFORE THE ENGINE. So I am prepared to split off the flywheel and clutch from the engine and sell this before the engine. i.e. If the engine sells, I do not want to be left with the flywheel and clutch unit. So if you want the flywheel and clutch then you must find a mate to buy the engine. Or, if you want the engine but not the flywheel/ clutch unit you need to find a mate to take the flywheel/clutch unit.

ASKING: price reduced to $12,500 delivered Victoria. (Keen seller). located in Victoria

CONTACT: Ian Crook 0419538707. E:

MGRV8 parts

MGRV8  floor mats,  $ 60.00

MGRV8  Superlight Wheels,  $ 900.00 ( with tyres. May fit MGB )

                                                                                                                                                     this is what they look like on the car

Contact Brian : 0412682817

MG Bits & Workshop tools

  • 4 speed MK11 gearbox  $200  good condition


  • Austin 1800 MK11 short motor adaptable to MG   $50


  • FREE - RHD fibreglass bare dash, LHD original dash, hood needing repairs, front spoiler panel, assorted other engine parts for MGB - carbys, rods, pistons etc.

Workshop items -

  • Free standing sand blaster with castors, glass and cabinet in good condition $150. SOLD

  • Pipe Bender 2" hydraulic 12 ton - very little use - good condition   $100 SOLD

  • 6 ton Shop Press - in good condition - very little use    $100

Please phone Peter on 49557310 for more information. 

Axle stands

2 pair of axle stands

The red pair $30 & Blue $25.

Contact NEV on 49518672

Sept 2017